Stop Being Lonely

It is hard to believe life is good when you are in isolation and feeling lonely. The first question most people ask is ‘What’s so good about it?


Let’s see now. Being alive, I don’t have the virus, my loved ones are all healthy, the alarm clock is not set for 6 am, I don’t have to fight the traffic 2 hours 5 days a week, I work at home, the money is less but I can manage.


We have an army ready to help us and take care of our well-being beginning with the truck drivers who transport our daily needs for our survival, to the doctors and medical workers saving our lives, food bank workers and the list goes on. When you think of all the help you can get and hope you will not need it, then it is a good day. Take a moment to say thank you.


If you are a woman alone in your home, feeling bored and lonely, tired of watching TV, having little to do all day, then feeling lonely is understandable. Having lots of time at hand, did you ever ask yourself if you are lonely or do you have a deeper feeling? You are lonely and isolated, but your feelings go deeper than loneliness.  Are you yearning to share your thoughts and time with someone special?


Put down that bag of potato chips and start to think. When the clouds are gone, and the sky is blue, would you like to walk in the park holding hands with a man of your choice, planning a weekend getaway to a romantic little hotel just to spend some happy time together away from it all?


From early childhood we are programmed to share our lives with others and all of us, except for a few, dream of loving and sharing our lives with a partner.


Let me ask you. Did you ever wish to have a man of your choice to share your life with? Or do you think, it would be nice to share these lonely days with someone you love? If you do, do you think you are ready to start looking? Would you like to take your first steps toward finding that special someone?


This is a good time to start looking. He is sitting at home, lonely and bored and he would love to engage in a pleasant conversation with a woman, exploring future possibilities for a meaningful relationship. Are you ready to look for and build a meaningful long-term relationship? If you are this is how you could start meeting each other under the circumstances.


Virtual dates are available. With so much time on your hands, both parties can spend an hour or more slowly learning about each other. There is no pressure. You can’t go anywhere but there are options.  Arrange a virtual date over a cup of coffee. You want more excitement? The two of you can arrange a virtual dinner date for two sitting at the table over a meal exchanging pleasant conversation and having a great time.


If you are ready and want to start searching for that special person then it is a great time to start.  eHarmony is a tried and true place to start.


Click  on the button and take the first step.

If you are lonely and unhappy because you just broke up with your boyfriend, please don’t start looking yet. Cry, be miserable, and cry again until you get over him.  When you are finished crying your heart out, ask yourself what went wrong.


Start learning about men, what men want and how a man and a woman can build a meaningful relationship for life. Learn about men and about yourself. Pick up a book or two written by psychologist and relationship counselor with a long line of successful relationships and marriages he helped to stay together. Click below and learn.

Or listen to Marni telling a room full of woman that women don’t know men, we only know of men. Women don’t know the secret desire all men have and desperately need but can’t share with women. Click here and learn what you need to know to be happy. Click on the button to learn the secret.

And when you are ready, and the self-isolation is lifted its time to have fun.


Make an appointment for a spa day for a great massage and a facial. Get a new hairdo and make up. Next, it’s time to go shopping for some attractive clothes. Go home, put on your favorite new clothes and look in your mirror. You see an extremely attractive, fashionable and happy new you smiling back. She is full of self-confidence armed with the knowledge of what men and women need to do to be happy and build a future together. Your time has come.


It’s time to return to Ava’s Nook, click on the button and join eHarmony and find your Happiness.