Healthy Nail Care

Healthy Nail Care Tips

Nails are exposed to numerous daily activities, some are harsher than others. Healthy nails require continuous care starting with keeping them clean, moisturized, trimmed and shaped. For healthy hands the color of the nail plate is light pinkish – white, the cuticles are firm surrounding the nail, nail tips are white and should be the same length.


Unfortunately, women’s hands do a lot of chores and more times than not the nails do suffer. But the damage to your nails can be repaired with a little time and some TLC.


Start with the basics. Keep your hands and nails clean, brush nails gently with a soft brush and soap and use good quality moisturizers for hand and nails. Use disposable gloves for washing dishes and other housework and gardening gloves when working in your backyard.


Give yourself a manicure every 10 to 14 days. Thoroughly clean your nails from any nail polish, clip the nails and file with a fine emery board. If you have problem growing your nails, keep them short and at an even length. Apply a base coat, a polish of your choice and topcoat. Let the nails dry between each application. The base coat will even and smooth the nail surface for easy application of the polish.

Wait for the base coat to dry. Start applying the polish in the middle of the nail going over to cover each side. The nail brush will slide evenly over the base coat. Wait for the polish to dry before applying a topcoat. Apply it evenly when your nails are dry you will have a set of flawless, shiny, beautiful nails.


Well cared, lovely hands are a major part of a sophisticated women of the 21st century.

Home Manicure Tools and Polishes

Manicure Pedicure Set by Totech

Based on my experience handling similar tools, I recommend this set Totech Manicure Pedicure Nail Care Tools are made of professional surgical grade stainless steel which is non-sensitive and allows safe sterilization to protect the tools from corrosion and minimize the risk of infections

The Nail Clippers Set includes hand care, facial care and foot care tools. It also includes eyebrow scissors, eyebrow tweezers, ear-pick, acne needle, nail clippers, oblique nail clippers, double-headed pick, exfoliating fork, nail file, peeling knife, pedicure pliers, toenail clipper, toenail file, pedicure knife, diagonal pedicure knife and curved pedicure knife

Abitzon 2019 Bright Non Toxic Nail Polish Set 12 Bottles

The nail polish set is non-toxic,eco-friendly and non-irritating. There is no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP chemicals. Its unique formula makes it dry in about 60 seconds without lamp baking.

Rich nail polish colors allow you to adapt to any occasion such as casual affairs, night clubs, parties, wedding etc. There is no need for a UV lamp, LED lamp or nail dryer with the quick dry formula, top and base coat.

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