For These Anxious Times

Lockdown Tips and Activities

Covid 19 Travel

The old adage is still true. There is a silver lining in even the darkest cloud. Covid-19 is one of mankind’s darkest clouds but with medical knowledge and help the pandemic is slowing down in many of the countries that followed the new rules. After months of lock downs, people are able to travel within their own country or most of it.

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Did you know there is a difference between feeling happy and being truly happy? It’s true. There are things that can make you feel happy, temporarily. An alcoholic drink, a shopping trip and so forth. But to be truly happy, you must feel it from within, without those instant gratification items. Get this free report and planner and make the choice.

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There are so many reasons walking is good for you that it’s virtually impossible to talk about all of them all at once.To get you going  on your own program, here is a free gift – a Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Walking Routine. This short report has some great advice based on common sense and I hope you enjoy it. Just click on the cover to download your free copy and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

Zoom Teleconferencing

Zoom Teleconferencing Be a Pro – Build Your Business, Communicate and Meet with Zoom The Covid – 19 pandemic will be remembered as a world-reordering

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Happiness Course

Want more happiness in your life?
Learn How to Live a Happy Life & Approach Each Day with a Positive Attitude
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Manage Your Workflow

One of the challenges when working from home is learning to be fully responsible for your own workload. Juggling multiple tasks is much harder when there is no boss leaning over your shoulder.

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Productivity Apps

Working from home introduces a number of challenges when it comes to being productive and getting work done. Apart from the issues relating to remote collaboration, you also have the challenges of staying on task

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