How To Spend Your Day At Home

How to Work & Exercise at Home & Keep On Track

It is a good question but very few of us really know how to stay motivated, working at home and do all what must be done. Office or other work-oriented activity is taking priority and keep in mind this may be our norm for some time to come. To accomplish all your work and have some time for yourself, sit down with a clear head and start organizing your chores in priority order.


Stick to a routine. Get up at the same time as you do on workdays and go to bed at the same time. Follow with your regular morning routine. Start your workday, keep your breaks. Prioritize the rest of your chores. If you have kids at home, you are busy. Take only as much work home as you can handle (if any work). You have to schedule time for yourself for working out as well as connecting with friends and keeping informed.


Let me get back to your workout program. You need your exercise for both your body and your mind. Physical activity boosts the endorphin flow, decreases stress, increase your energy and help you cope with the daily stress. Unfortunately, you can’t go to the gym now for exercise and a good time. Spend 45 or more minutes exercising. I have included a short exercise program for women only.  It is effectively sculpts your body in a relatively short time, leaving some time for watching TV, reading a book or talking to your husband and friends. Click here to view the program on Healthline. 


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