How To Leave The Past Behind

How to Leave the Past Behind and Be Present for Love

The past can have a major impact on your current dating life. From early childhood wounds to bad breakups with ex’s, the past can shape who you are and influence how you see yourself, others, and the world. Without evening realizing it, your past can affect the way you approach dating and view relationships. It can affect the way you select a partner and who you are attracted to later in life. And it certainly affects how you respond to emotions and make decisions. This is why resolving old wounds and baggage while learning how to be present is essential to healthy dating.


Your past may be at play if you find yourself in the same situations over and over again. Patterns are often repeated because they feel familiar and comfortable. Your past experiences disregard the logical part of you knowing what you are doing isn’t working. You may be reenacting childhood patterns as an adult, causing relationship conflict or the inability to create a healthy partnership. For example, you may find yourself attempting to rescue or fix your dates or partners. This is especially true if you grew up with an emotionally unstable or alcoholic parent.


You may also be protecting your heart. Unknowingly you may be pushing away interested potential partners and not letting others get too close to you if you’ve been burned in previous relationships. If you find yourself struggling to trust a new partner despite zero red flags and things actually going well, there is a good chance your past is unresolved. This is causing a general sense of mistrust and anxiety that has nothing to do with your partner.


To ensure you are learning from the past, but also keeping it where it belongs so you can have healthy relationships now, try these 5 strategies: Go here to read more.