Immune System Booster

At this time our only defense against the Covid 19 virus is our immune system. Covid 19 is a powerful new virus and is spreading with almost lightning speed.


Recent research has raised public awareness of how easy and fast the virus can be spread and how quickly it can effect people in high risk categories. Now is the perfect time to educate people and help them find a solution to better protect themselves and their families.


A strong immune system is our best defense and there are a number of products on the market that can help with that. Something we have used is Immune Defense. 


It has zinc combined with vitamin C, A and E to help support and improve your immune system. The ingredients in Immune Defense have been backed by several studies showing the effectiveness of ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E to help support and improve your immune system.

Immune Defense is suitable for ages 12+ and should be taken daily to improve your immune system by providing your body with the necessary nutrients. Immune Defense can help to fight symptoms much quicker and it comes in a soothing aniseed flavor lozenge are designed to dissolve on the tongue, bathing the back of the throat in zinc ions. Immune Defense is Manufactured in the UK.

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