General Makeup Application

General Makeup Application How To Do Basic Makeup at Home I wonder how many of us can make this statement.   “She never left the house without applying her makeup and arranging her jewelry.”   This statement is describing a woman with perfectly applied makeup, attractively styled hair and dressed in the latest fashions and accessories. Unfortunately, […]

Nail Care

Healthy Nail Care Healthy Nail Care Tips Nails are exposed to numerous daily activities, some are harsher than others. Healthy nails require continuous care starting with keeping them clean, moisturized, trimmed and shaped. For healthy hands the color of the nail plate is light pinkish – white, the cuticles are firm surrounding the nail, nail […]

Hair Care for Women

Hair Care For Women Flowing Sexy Shiny Touchable Hair You hair needs tender loving care, the accent being on the tender when washing or brushing hair. The first step to hair care really starts with shampooing your hair. Choose the best   most suitable shampoo for your hair type. Different hair types require different shampoos. Straight […]

Blissful Spa Experience

Blissful Spa Experience Pampering Yourself Nothing will calm your nerves and tired body after a nerve-racking long day more than a long luxurious soak in a warm bubbly scented water. Your head resting on a soft pillow, the aromatic lilacs scent soothing your nerves, you’re floating in the warm bubbly water and the stress of […]

Skin Care for Radiant Skin

Skin Care For Radiant Skin Skin Care for Radiant Skin Aging is unavoidable and can also be unpleasant. The old saying “Grow Old with Grace” is noble but no longer required. We live in the 21 st century, we can, and we do fight aging. We live longer, are healthier. We are looking younger and […]

Nightly Skin Care Routine

Nightly Skin Care Routine Nightly Skin Care Good skin starts with your night-time skincare routine. You’ll will be surprised to know that a nightly skin-care routine is only 3 steps and it shouldn’t take you more than about 15 minutes and the cost is less than you think. It will most definitely not break the […]

Under Eye Skin Treatment

Under Eye Skin Treatment Do You Think You Need It? When you greet a person, you see their eyes first. Looking closer, you can almost tell if they are having a good day just by looking at their eyes. A pair of clear shining eyes framed by smooth skin will light up a face. Taking […]