Walking Program

There are so many reasons walking is good for you, it’s virtually impossible to talk about all of them in one short report. So, think of this as a mini primer. Before we get into the “why” of things, here are some fun and interesting facts about walking:

Building a Home Gym

Building a home gym does not need to be expensive and it does not need to take up a lot of space. In order to create a gym you can use to work out from home, you just need to be smart .

10 Daily Home Workouts

10 Daily Home Workout Habits During A Pandemic A pandemic unquestionably affects your day to day routine, which means there are certain things that you are expected to do and are unable to do. In short, learning to adjust is something you need to do to get through the pandemic. One of the major concerns […]

How To Spend Your Day At Home

How To Spend Your Day At Home How to Work & Exercise at Home & Keep On Track It is a good question but very few of us really know how to stay motivated, working at home and do all what must be done. Office or other work-oriented activity is taking priority and keep in […]

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise and Mental Health Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health Exercising regularly has a range of benefits for your mental health. Not only does the actual act of participating in physical activity release endorphins to your brain which will make you feel happier, calmer and help you to clear your mind, it can also help […]