Backyard Grilling

By Ava Ferguson

I am the author of this cookbook and each time I see the front page I wonder, how could I have, written a cookbook?


I don’t like to cook! Really, I don’t. I only cook because my husband loves delicious food and he is a most appreciative customer. I have a sophisticated palette, love delicious food, attractively arranged on a well-set table. However, I would prefer someone other than me do the cooking.


I know it is strange and I can’t explain it, but I love cooking on the BBQ. I feel free when I cook outside, and the food tastes so much better cooked on the BBQ.


Cooking on a BBQ does not feel like I am cooking, I know it does not make any common sense but I enjoyed cooking on my new BBQ and I made most of our dinners  outside in the summer.

For the first time in my life I enjoyed cooking, unfortunately I could only cook steak or sausages. I needed recipes for my new hobby, I looked for recipes everywhere. I become bolder, tried different ingredients and learned to be creative with food and spices. I had my share of disappointments but got over it. As for dinner those nights, Glenn makes delicious omelets.


We enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and we had an idea that food would taste better if it were served with wine or beer. My husband and I spent lots of late nights researching wine and beer lists to compliment the recipes. Somewhere in time the idea of a cookbook formed in our mind. The book “Backyard Grilling” complete with wine and beer pairings was born and published.


To me, Backyard Grilling is good food, family and friends sitting around the table having a great time enjoying a delicious meal. Just click on the cover to go to Amazon to buy the book.



Collecting, exchanging and creating new recipes for both indoor and outdoor cooking became almost a hobby. I would love to share some of my recipe collections with you on Ava’s Nook. If you like cooking on your BBQ check out the recipes in Backyard Grilling.