“No matter what you look like or think you look like you’re special and loved and perfect just the way you are.” ~ Ariel Winter

Here’s the best inspirational quotes I’ve seen to make you feel good no matter how many times you read it, and at any point during the day. This would be one that you’d want to memorize so that you always have it in your mind. It’s also a great one to say to someone you love when they’re feeling down or having a bad day because they’re unhappy about the way they look. We place so much importance on looks that it’s easy to feel not so special, unloved, and imperfect. This quote helps fix that.

Hi I’m Ava,


Quotes are truthful, encouraging, and send a message worth thinking about. I have chosen this quote to include in my ‘About Us” page simply because Ariel Winter’s Quote is the basis of Ava’s Nook. It is my believe and how I see and live my life.


Be the leader of your life, set your goals and move forward. In a nutshell this is my life story. I got married shortly after I graduated from Business Collage. At this time, I had 2 choices; work in an office or start a business. 9 to 5 office work did not appeal to me. I decided to start a business. Our marriage didn’t work and within two years I divorced my husband.


As a result, I have lived, managed and sold businesses in two cities in Canada. I have a relatively large horizon including people, friends, happy marriage, open to new ideas, being active and going forward. I love to be busy, love to interact with people on a daily basis and I love to travel.


My passions in life are cosmetics, fashion, keeping fit, be healthy sharing good times, ideas with friends, my clients and try to make life as happy as I can. I owned a pharmacy with a full cosmetic line. I become passionate about cosmetics talking to the women daily. I realized how many women had no idea about using makeup. Giving ideas how to apply makeup, recommending the best product for their skin, how to choose the best colors for their complexion was part of my business.


Seeing the women happy and thankful for my help, coming in the next day or two wearing their  new makeup, asking for my opinion, made me happy and I realized that I was really helping these women. Not only did I help them looking more attractive, I also helped them to become self-confident.


That’s when I decided to become an esthetician and makeup artist. A Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio was a suitable choice for me. I then moved on to create The Nail Spa. Woman to woman conversations, ideas, helpful tips, recommendations became part of my daily routine.


I have also sold real estate in two countries. The real estate business is challenging but it can also be rewarding. I enjoyed the interaction with people the subject and the product changed but same as before, I recommended, suggested, helped people finding their happy home or investment for year to come


A while ago I have come to a point of my life where I wanted to move into a new direction but, where shall I go, what should I do? I had to figure out my next step.


My husband came to the rescue. He said, “Do as you used to. Talk to women about all the things you talked to them before, health, beauty, fashion, self-confidence and call it Ava’s Nook.”


I can do that. I can reach out to women on the internet, enjoy talking the same as I did before. Doing considerable research, hard work and lots of time, we hope Ava’s Nook will be a happy and welcoming place to meet and greet Women to Women.


I’m looking forward to your visits. Feel free to send me your thoughts.