5 Ways to Fight Covid 19

Yes, you can fight and win. Keep reading and see how.


Covid19 has infected our world killing people while doctors, nurses and medical workers are risking their lives helping us. We have no defense against the virus. Hospitals are running out equipment’s and hospital beds. Covid19 is spreading with lightning speed and doctors and medical workers are risking their lives and dying helping us.


Isolation seem to be the only way we can defend ourselves against a virus that is multiplying hour by hour. We are all in it together, we worry together and all we can do is hope for a miracle. Is there anything we can have or do to stop this virus? Yes. There is one thing we can do. We can fight it!

5 Tips to Fight Covid 19

There is no medication, doctors can only do their best and hope some of the people will survive. We should not give up! We can fight, we can do 5 things to fight the virus.

  1. Stay home and if you most go out keep your distance.
  2. Wash your hands with hot water and lots of soap,
  3. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water
  4. Exercise and go for a walk but keep your distance
  5. Boost your immune system and let your body fight for you.


An immune system booster is our only defense against the Covid 19 virus. This is a most power full virus, but our body, with the help of the immune booster, will fight and can win against the virus.


Immune Defense is made with all natural products. It has zinc combined with vitamin C, A and E to help support and improve your immune system. The ingredients in Immune Defense have been backed by several studies showing the effectiveness of ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E to help support and improve your immune system.

Immune Defense is suitable for ages 12+ and should be taken daily to improve your immune system by providing your body with the necessary nutrients. Immune Defense can help to fight symptoms much quicker and it comes in a soothing aniseed flavor lozenge are designed to dissolve on the tongue, bathing the back of the throat in zinc ions.Immune Defense is Manufactured in the UK.


Stay healthy


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